Marrakech Breakfast Tour

Marrakech Breakfast Tour

Do you love breakfast? We do! 

Lately we have been thinking of how we can share this love with our food tour friends. We know you’re probably staying at a great riad in Marrakech that has a fantastic breakfast but we also know there’s plenty to venture outside to eat. So if you’re interested in tasting some yummy breakfast foods that aren’t often served in riads, you’re in luck.

Introducing the Marrakech Food Tour Breakfast Tour!

Wake up early and join us for an 8am start time. We’ll spend a little more than two hours tasting a variety of Moroccan breakfast foods. The kinds of things workers and early risers eat and places few tourists discover. It’s a great way to start your morning – before the crowds! 


Some of the foods you might eat include;

  • a typical Moroccan “home” breakfast 
  • bssara, a traditional pulse/soup eaten in winter months
  • a breakfast harira (soup)
  • Moroccan doughnuts
  • khlii, a special breakfast dish that has it’s roots in Fez
  • batbout (bread) with special toppings
  • plenty of Moroccan mint tea
  • …and more!

Tours will begin in January 2017 and cost $40US per person. 

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Note: This tour is not suitable for anyone who can not eat gluten or vegans.