Evening Tour


If you’re looking to experience Marrakech at night, book our evening tour. We have mixed groups in the evenings as well. Some want to try more “freaky foods” and others don’t. We can accommodate you either way. If you want to eat only freaky food, we suggest you book a private tour with us. We can talk with you ahead of time and tailor the tour to make your freaky food dreams come true!

Our tours take you beyond the square. We know you can visit on your own and experience food from any of the stalls. Instead we’ve curated some of our favorite places in the streets and back alleys of the medina – places you likely won’t find on your own!

If you are attempting to book any date and you find an error message appears or you’re unable to complete the transaction it is likely because there are fewer places available then you are attempting to book.

Please contact us if this happens and we can clarify the errors and see if it can be fixed. (marrakechfoodtours (at) gmail.com)