Gourmet Food Tours

Love the idea of taking a food tour but want something a little more glamorous?

We’re taking our popular food tour and bringing it inside, or on the rooftops!

Whether you want to taste delicious, authentic homemade Moroccan cuisine or love the idea of peeking inside some of Marrakech’s most gorgeous riads this tour is for you.

Gourmet Food Tour

What’s a Gourmet Food Tour?

The idea behind our gourmet tour goes back to the idea of a progressive dinner. Each riad we’ve chosen will host a single course for the meal. We’ve curated menus with our partner riads based around seasonal ingredients, traditional Moroccan cuisine, and of course the best tasting food. We will transport you between the riads in tuk tuk vans. These small cars can go into the medina streets (where most vehicles can not) and we aim to provide an income to the men (who are disabled) who drive them.

Authentic Moroccan Flavors

What You Will Experience

  • Amazing Moroccan food!
  • A knowledgeable guide who loves food and will share not only about the dishes you’re eating but Morocco food culture in general.
  • The chance to go inside several different Marrakech riads to see the variety of styles and designs.
  • A fun evening with new friends!

Our groups are always small and this tour will never be more than six people. We also have the option to reserve private tours for couples or groups. Please contact us directly for more information and to reserve these tours.

We are able to tailor meals to some dietary requirements. Please get in touch with us BEFORE booking if you have a food allergy or alternate diet (vegetarian, gluten-free etc.)

Gourmet Food Tour

When are the Tours?

The gourmet food tours will begin running on the 17th of September 2016.

You can take a tour on Wednesday or Sunday. Tours will start at 5:30pm and depart from and return to Djem al Fna Рthe main square in Marrakech.

Seafood Bstilla

What Does it Cost?

This is a highly specialized tour with three to four sit-down meal courses. The price per person is $110 (USD). We also have pricing if you’d like to book a private tour. If you have an entire group of 6 to book alternate pricing may also be available.


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If you’re ready to book you can use our online system. If you have questions or would like to book a private tour please email us beforehand to set up your experience.