Refunds and Cancellation

We understand that sometimes things come up and while we try to handle situations on a one-to-one basis. However, we want to make sure those booking fully understand our policy on cancellations and rescheduling tours.

Our general policy

Once purchased, tickets cannot be refunded or rescheduled because your space is being guaranteed on the tour. In some instances if you alert us well in advance (at least 30 days) we can refund your purchase. We realize travel plans can fall through however our tours are very small, and often sell out well in advance. We also understand that you may need to cancel your plans. If done 30 days in advance a full refund can be offered, with two weeks notice we offer a 50% refund, if under two weeks no refund will be issued.

Our no show policy

If you have booked a tour and fail to show up we regret that we are unable to reschedule your tour or offer you a refund. We inform our vendors ahead of time and have food prepared for our guests. If the tour doesn’t operate, we are still responsible to pay for the food that has been ordered.

Our cancellation policy is in effect in cases of inclement weather, natural disasters and other unforseeable events.

What’s the difference between the two tours? 

We started to offer a day time and evening tour so that people would be able to have a range of experiences. Many street food vendors that sell the more “unique” items (like grilled liver, or spleen sandwiches) aren’t open during the daytime.If you opt for the evening tour you’ll have a chance to experience this type of food.

What if I want a night tour but not some of the items you describe?

No problem!  Just book that tour and let us know in the notes section of your reservation and we’ll avoid them!

Are the tours private?

No, we can’t guarantee that your tour will be private. We can take up to six people (special arrangements may be possible for a larger group traveling together) on a tour at any time.

But, I’d like a private tour!

We can do that! Please contact us directly and we’ll arrange a private tour for you. We do have to charge additional for this service, all of which can be discussed privately depending on what you’re looking for.

I’m vegetarian/gluten-free/have allergies, can I still go?

Yes you can. We can’t guarantee there will no cross contamination but we do our best to accommodate those who have allergies or specific food needs/wants. If you are gluten free or vegetarian we do ask that you book a private tour, unless you are ok with not being able to eat everything. Because there are many different people with different diets taking the tour it’s very difficult to juggle several different needs. For the best experience for everyone, please book a private tour. If for some reason we can’t meet your needs we will let you know ahead of time.

Solo Travelers

We offer the option to sign up for a tour as a solo traveler on our website. However we reserve the right to cancel or reschedule the tour unless the minimum number of participants is met. If you are a single traveler please keep this in mind and contact us before you book so that we can recommend a date during your stay that will include other travelers.

Can kids go on the tour?

Of course – we love kids (we’ve got two boys of our own!) If you’d like to book for a child let us know! Want your kids to have other kids to hang with? Make a note and we can try to bring ours along!

How much does it cost?

Our tours are $65 each with children under 2 free. 

What do tours include?

Our tours include all food and drinks as well as your knowledgeable guide and an inside look at Moroccan food culture.

Where does the tour end?

Our tour ends at the same place it begins. We know the medina is confusing so please feel free to ask your guide for directions back to your riad if you’re unsure. We can help or call your riad to have someone come and pick you up.


As our tour happens largely in the medina we’re sure you’ll be tempted to look and that’s great however we strive to take a no-shopping approach to our tours. If you’d like to purchase food items at places we stop (for example olives, spices or a tajine) we can help you do this but we would ask you to leave other shopping for another time. Of course, we’re more than happy to offer advice on where to shop and how to do it should you ask!

Inclement Weather

Marrakech is blessed with a beautiful climate year round. There are only a few weeks a year when it rains and most days the sun is shining. Our tours operate rain or shine. If you think there may be rain please come prepared. We try to carry umbrellas just in case but may not always have enough for everyone. During warm months please also take care to dress in a way that is comfortable and wear a hat/sunglasses to help shade you from the sun.


A big challenge in the medina of Marrakech is public toilets. There may or may not be a bathroom available at all times. We highly recommend using the facilities before you begin the tour and planning that there aren’t restrooms available. We do our best to point out opportunities to use them and try to include at least one stop with a restroom. You should also be prepared that the bathroom will not be a typical “western” toilet but a “squat” toilet, as these are most common in public restrooms.


Taking pictures in Marrakech can be tough but our stops know what we are doing and are mostly open to and happy to have pictures taken. We ask that you be respectful but feel free to take pictures. If you’re unsure ask your guide for help. Or, your guide will point out when it isn’t appropriate to take pictures.


We do not operate tours during the Islamic month of Ramadan. Many of our vendors are closed during the day and in the evenings breaking their fast with families. We apologize for the inconvenience. We will be closed this year beginning June 5th.


We typically do not operate tours during the summer months. We will be closed this year from 5 June – 20 August 2016.


Gratuities are not mandatory or expected however they are greatly appreciated.