Our Staff

What started out as a small venture between us (Amanda and Youssef) has quickly grown beyond what we can handle alone! We have worked hard to find others who share our passion for Moroccan food to help us bring an authentic Marrakech experience to more people. Our hope is to continue adding to our team and as we do we’ll be sharing more information here.

Youssef – Owner

Youssef grew up in Marrakech, and spent his formative years learning the streets of Marrakech and eating some of the best food in the city. He then spent almost a decade in the United States and traveling the world with his family. He loves to share his inside information and secrets of the best food of the city with guests.

Amanda – Owner

Amanda grew up in the Midwest USA and visited Morocco for the first time in 2004. After spending 10 days on the tourist food circuit she was convinced Moroccan food was awful! Fate had a different plan and she met Youssef during her vacation, returned to Morocco and was able to see the real Moroccan food culture. When Youssef moved to the US she took up preparing his favorite foods and learned everything she could about Moroccan food. It was her idea to make the Moroccan food she loved to those visiting. Her favorite thing to do in Marrakech is spend time in the rug souks! 

Mohamed – Food Tour Guide

Mohamed graduated from university in 1991 with a degree in English Language and Literature. He worked for six years as an assistant tour coordinator where he became fascinated with meeting people from abroad, learning about their heritage, and as much as their culture as he could. One of his favorite places to take visitors in Marrakesh is not only to the main sights and monuments with their fascinating history, but also to some hidden places, local cafes, and areas where travelers can meet people doing daily activities.

Noura – Food Tour Guide

Noura is a licensed Marrakech city guide who has been working in the tourism industry for over a decade. She loves sharing the history and culture of Morocco with guests as well as the different dishes that make Marrakech special.

Amin – Food Tour Guide

Amin is an English and German Marrakech licensed city guide. While sharing some interesting facts about life in the red city he also loves to eat well! He’s also a pop culture junkie!

Hamid – Food Tour Guide

Hamid is a Marrakech licensed city guide. He enjoys sharing the food of Marrakech and interesting stops along the tour route. He knows the city history inside and out so don’t be afraid to ask him anything!

Julie – Chief Coordination Executive

Julie keeps everything behind the scenes working. Chances are if you’ve emailed with questions or have corresponded with us – it’s her! She keeps everything in order and up to date, and the wheels running smoothly. Julie is based in the US to help us ensure someone is available most times of the day. Her first trip outside the US was to visit Marrakech so she’s got first hand experience visiting!