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National Geographic – Places to Travel for Food in 2016

Travel Africa Magazine – A Taste of Marrakech

Tastemakers Africa – Eat Like a Local in Marrakech

25 Best Things to do in MOROCCO! – VacationIdea – Not just in Marrakech but the entire country!

The World’s 9 Best Walking Food Tours Independent Traveler

“Husband/wife team Youssef and Amanda invite visitors to taste “the food you’d find your Moroccan grandma (if you had one!) cooking.”

Eating Marrakech with Marrakech Food Tours from Spanish Sabores

“My two previous trips had resulted in very mediocre food, and a bit of food poisoning– I wanted this trip to be different! Luckily I was in GREAT hands. Youssef himself gave us the tour, and we enjoyed every minute of the adventure.”

Top 10 Things to do in Marrakech from Egill Halldorsson

In our first trip to Morocco in 2016 we did a food tour with Youssef from Marrakech Food Tours. Personally, I believe doing tours like these in the beginning of a trip – with a local expert and specializing on the traditional cuisine is the perfect way to start a trip in a foreign location. It is so much fun and get’s you an amazing insight!

72 Fabulous Hours in Marrakech from Girl in Florence

“We met around 5:30 in Jamal El Fna … and we wasted no time delving right into the foodie belly of Marrakesh. One of the most memorable bites was this disgusting looking sheep’s head that you’ll see below. Moroccans like to show their animal heads full stop and honestly I’m ok with that.

10 Authentic Food and Drinks We Tried in Morocco with Marrakech Food Tours from Two Monkey’s Travel Group

“If only in each place we visited we had the luxury of a local guide to reveal the best of the hidden gems amongst the overwhelming array of food stalls, restaurants and markets. In Marrakech we found exactly that! Armed with Amanda’s experience as an American tourist navigating the baffling menus throughout this city and Youssef being raised on the home-cooked food of his Moroccan mother the couple embarked on the project of bringing their two worlds together in order for other tourists to benefit from their experiences.”

Eating Authentic Moroccan with Marrakech Food Tours – Luxe Adventure Traveler

On the gourmet Marrakech food tour – “We’d be visiting a series of riads for traditional Moroccan dishes in a sort of progressive dinner throughout the night. Amanda and Youssef had spent months sampling dishes at countless riads throughout the Medina to find the most delicious ones. Even more special, not just anyone can dine at the riads we’d be visiting. Most offered a dining option only if you were a guest of the riad. That is, of course, unless you’re a VIP on a Marrakech Food Tours gourmet tour.”

A Walking Food Tour of Marrakech from Foodie Flashpacker

“The highlight of my time spent in Marrakech was definitely the walking food tour I took with Marrakech Food Tours. My favorite thing about the tour is that we visited places I know that I would not have discovered on my own. Places that maybe only locals  know about. Places where the language barrier would have prevented me from ordering. Places that don’t have menus in English. Real, authentic Moroccan eateries with delicious traditional foods that I likely wouldn’t have found or tried on my own.”

A Day in the Night Market– from Pint Size Gourmets

Djemaa El Fna is one of the world’s most exotic night markets. With kids along for the ride, exploring this market in the daytime on a Marrakech Food Tour is perfect for families looking to enjoy local bites and a kid-friendly foodie experience.

12 Things to do in Marrakech Morocco – Independent Travel Cats

We were guests on one of these tours and loved it as it takes you through the streets of Marrakech to sample a wide array of foods, most of which we had never tried despite having been in Marrakech for a week already.

Marrakech Food Tour from Bewildered in Morocco

I once wondered, would that be possible to feel like a local but not go too far from medina and the main square? Well, the answer is YES! Thanks to Amanda from MarocMama and her husband, Youssef, I had a purely insider’s tour within the medina of Marrakech!

Our Marrakech Food Tour – from Adventures Abound

Marrakech Food Tours offers a local perspective and a chance to try foods you might not usually try. A comprehensive review that summarizes the experience we bring to our guests.

“We got some insight into daily living, community life, and didn’t feel like tourists during our time spent with them” 

Eating Morocco: How to eat your way through Marrakech like a local – from Fleeting Life

Want to view mouth-watering shots of tour cuisine? Head over to this post from Fleeting Life.

Morocco: Wandering with Marrakech Food Tours – World Wandering Kiwi

“This is a food tour that seeks to go beyond the standard restaurant fare of Marrakech and discover the types of food eaten by real people in real Moroccan homes. Food that made everything we ate in restaurants on our Moroccan holiday seem bland by comparison.”

Crazy and Delicious Foods to Try in Marrakech from Hippie in Heels

“I am so happy to have taken this food tour, because prior to it, I was SO disappointed with the food we tried in Morocco. My friend and I found that it was either touristy-Moroccan (not what you would get at home or even at a Moroccan restaurant abroad) or it was International (French mostly, but not the best international and very touristy). We thought wow what’s going on here… It was bizarre since both of us had Moroccan food outside Morocco and liked it.”

Flavours of the Medina- Marrakech from The Luxury Couple

“If you love food and enjoying new experiences, spending time with local people who enthuse about their skills and recipes, if not their country as a whole; then you must contact Youssef and Amanda for a fascinating insight into the ingredients that make the Medina so marvellous.”

#EatSleepShootTravel Marrakech Day 2

Looking to try the best lamb you’ve ever had? If #EatSleepShootTravel hadn’t left Marrakech the morning after our tour, a second round of our delicious tangia would have been devoured later on during her stay.

Marrakech a street food story (in Romanian – Google translate!)

Use Google translate to enjoy this piece on Marrakech street food. Even if you don’t read the article, as they say, pictures are worth a thousand words. The images captured by Andra are quite stunning.

Lost and Found: Surviving the Maze of Marrakech – from Travelettes

“…the first rule of surviving the maze is of course sustenance.” 

How to Travel as a Woman in Morocco and Not Get Overcharged for a Pomegranate – from Midnight Blue Elephant

You really can have an excellent time as a woman traveling in Morocco! Don’t take our word on it only though…check out this insightful post from Midnight Blue Elephant.

Review of Marrakech Food Tour from The Selim Family

“…if you are a food junkie like we are, love trying out authentic cuisine at local shops and restaurants, whilst at the same time learning about food history and artisans, then you would LOVE this tour.”

Food Tour Extraordinaire (Part 1) (Part 2) from Mosaic Road

Walk through our “progressive dinner” or in this case, lunch, with imagery from our guest of Mosaic Road.

Moroccan Culinary Tours and Cooking Vacations from Moroccan Food @

As advised by this article, be sure to bring along your appetite for our walking tour. Listed as one of the guided tours that create an in-depth opportunity for travelers to experience Moroccan cuisine, read more of what Moroccan Food @ has to say about Marrakech Food Tours.

Food Culture and Going Beyond the Tourist Trail in Marrakech from Epicure and Culture

In this interview with Epicure&Culture, Amanda shares thoughts on local life, unique travel experiences and, of course, savory bites.

Inside Marrakech’s food scene with Marrakech Food Tours from The Touristin

Always on the hunt for ways to support the local community, Dorothée of the Touristin tried our night tour and found she could never go back to eating couscous from a box. Find out why (along with other highlights of her evening with us) in her article!

Marrakech Food Tours: Tasting the Real Marrakech from Wonderful Wanderings

Like so many of our guests, Hans of Wonderful Wanderings says restaurants are researched before a place to stay when traveling, and his research led him to join us on our evening food tour. How did we do? He claims our tour is a must-do item on any Marrakech itinerary. Is it on yours!?

Marrakech Food Tour from Mondo Mulia

Enjoy stunning images of the stops along our tour, highlighting the delicious, local delicacies that make it so unique. We couldn’t be more pleased that one of the dishes served was the favorite of Giulia’s entire Moroccan holiday – find out what it was in her article!

Experience Moroccan Cuisine with Marrakech Food Tours from Aromas & Sabores

“A food tour with locals will bring you closer to the square, the city, and marrakchias lifestyle.”

Eating Like a Local with Marrakech Food Tours from Cheeky Jaunt

“With a dodgy burger van look about the place, we all agreed that we’d never have stopped there to eat ordinarily, never mind try a sardine sandwich. And that is exactly why the Marrakech Food Tour is worth doing.”

An Evening with Marrakech Food Tours from Little Miss Gem Travels

No matter where you go, and for however long you happen to be there, you’ll find that food plays a massive part in your travel experience. That’s why I highly recommend finding and joining a food tour if it’s available. One of the best I’ve found is the Marrakech Food Tours (run by husband and wife duo Youssef and Amanda) which focuses on tasting five of the most authentic dishes in the city.

The Taste of Morocco with Marrakech Food Tours from Life in a Rucksack

Behind the Moroccan Souks with Marrakech Food Tours from Getting in the Map

“We’ve extolled the virtues on this site of taking a food tour early in your trip to any city multiple times, and when we were invited to join Youssef on an evening Marrakech Food Tour, we were ecstatic. While it is always interesting to taste the delicacies of Berlin or Paris,  a place like Morocco can be a little bit more intimidating, as there are so many foods which are not only out of our comfort zone, but impossible to find the best examples of.”

Plate by Plate in Marrakech from Fork on the Road

“The guides at Marrakech Food Tours seem to be equal parts local historians, lovers of good food, and conversationalists. From the minute I began corresponding with them, I was confident that our tour would come off with style.”


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