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Marrakech Food Tours Welcome

Morocco is known the world over for it’s amazing food and hospitality. At the epicenter of Moroccan cuisine sits Marrakech. Famous souks, and hundreds of hotels and riads help to make Marrakech a must-stop destination for tourists. Sadly, with so many people coming and going it’s difficult to find food that truly lives up to its reputation.

How do we know? 

Ten years ago, Youssef and Amanda met in Marrakech and after living in the United States we decided to move back to Morocco and call the “red city” home. Amanda’s first experience with Moroccan food was typical of a tourist visiting the country and it was only after eating the food of Youssef’s family home that she realized what was missing. After coming back to Marrakech, and hearing from friends and family visiting that the quality and taste of home food was so much better than what they were eating in restaurants, we decided to start Marrakech Food Tours.

What about the food?

Youssef was born and raised in Marrakech, and Amanda has spent the last decade learning, eating, and cooking traditional Moroccan foods. Together, they scoured Marrakech to find locations that met their expectations – places that Moroccans would eat. These aren’t the fanciest locations, but the food is top quality. It’s the food you’d find your Moroccan grandma (if you had one!) cooking. Amanda and Youssef believe the best spots for Moroccan food aren’t always obvious and always consider two things when choosing places.

1) Would Youssef’s Moroccan mother eat the food?

2) Would Amanda’s American parents love the food but likely be unsure how to order, what to order, or simply be unsure of the experience in general? 

These two points of view help us seek out the best meals while keeping in mind what people visiting Marrakech are likely to experience,both the good and bad. We’ve also traveled all over the world and always include a food tour at our destination. Having taken tours in Madrid, Lisbon, Rome, the Turks and Caicos, Crete, Chicago, New York City, and Helsinki to name a few, we know what we do and don’t like – and combine our experience with this knowledge to make your Marrakech experience truly unique. 

Marrakechi Tangia

So, tell me more…

The premise is simple. Meet Youssef (and maybe Amanda too) at the Djem al Fna Post Office on the date and time of your tour. (Want a pick up at your riad? we can arrange that too.) Then wander the Marrakech souqs, learning about the different food artisans, food culture, and history of the area. You’ll experience a progressive meal.

Enjoy some traditional Moroccan salads and a tajine or couscous (depending on the day). Next, you’re in for a treat when you taste a Marrakechi tradition – tangia. This super slow cooked lamb, is only made here. You’ll also have a chance to see the traditional ovens where this meal has been made for hundreds of years. Finally, enjoy a short walk and savor traditional Moroccan pastries and sweet mint tea or coffee.

Where we go and what you’ll get to taste depends on the time of day you’ll be touring and what’s in season. Please let us know if you have a special request ahead of time and we’ll do our best to make it happen. For example we can easily make adjustments for vegetarians if we know ahead of time.

Have an allergy or food accommodation? Let us know ahead of time by emailing us and we’ll let you know of an alternate plan. Because our tours are a mixture of different kinds of diets we’re only able to do a special tour (for example all vegetarian or gluten free) if you reserve a private tour. If you’re a group and are booking together we will do our best to accommodate the person with the allergy or eating preference however please know they may not be able to try as many foods. We can’t guarantee there is no cross contamination but we’ll do our best to give you a great experience or let you know if it isn’t possible.

Please contact us first before booking so that we can advise you how to proceed. 

During the evening there are many different types of food available, that you can’t find during the day. There are plenty of unique offerings (think snail soup and sheep head as an example) but it’s always optional!  

The Important Facts:

  • Tours operate every day of the week, except Fridays and start at 6pm.
  • Each tour lasts approximately 4 hours.
  • We try to limit our group size to 6. In high seasons there can be up to 8 people on a tour. If you’re traveling with a larger group we may be able to make adjustments, but please contact us directly.
  • Because there may be several different groups of people joining the tour we can not pick you up from your riad unless you book a private tour.
  • This is a food tour, we’ll be eating and tasting different foods. We do our best to provide you with some background and information about what you’re eating but we’re not historians. If you’re interested in a historical or cultural tour of the city we can recommend guides who do this.
  • If you’re visiting solo, we may be able to make arrangements. Please email directly to arrange BEFORE booking.

Tours are conducted in English only.

Cost for the tour is $65 (US) per person (includes all food) and needs to be pre-paid to guarantee availability.

  • Children 2 and under are free with a parent.

To make your reservation, Visit the booking page and select the day you would like to take your tour. You will be instructed on how to complete your purchase. 

Meet Amanda and Youssef

Meet Amanda and Youssef

Please contact us if you experience any issues in booking.

We do our best to ensure that all eating establishments are safe. As with anywhere, the possibility exists that you may eat something that does not agree with you, and could potentially make you ill. We assume no responsibility if this is the case.