Walk the Kasbah – Sandwich Tour


If you love street food and you’re not afraid of bread than this tour is for you! 

Join a local guide and fellow food enthusiasts to “walk” the kasbah! On this walking food tour we’ll explore two of the oldest neighborhoods in Marrakech – the kasbah and the mellah. Find out why these areas are important while eating along the way.  

We’ll start with a food that’s a favorite of local children followed by several stops to try different foods while walking the centuries old streets.

So what’s the twist?

They’re all served wrapped in fresh Moroccan breads!

Different fillings and different breads of course. When the night is done you’ll have learned about these neighborhoods, have a full belly and hopefully confidence to go out and take on the street food scene without a guide. Just iike our signature street food tour you can be guaranteed enough food on this tour that you won’t need to eat anything afterwards!

This is a true street food tour so some stops will be sitting down while at others we’ll eat our food standing. Be prepared for anything! 

This tour includes;

  • a licensed Marrakech city guide
  • at least 4 different sandwiches + a few other tastings during the tour
  • all drinks during the tour
  • a walking tour of the kasbah and mellah neighborhoods
  • a few hours of fun in a less touristy corner of the city!

... for just $45 US per person!

This tour isn’t suitable for everyone.

We are very limited on the number of substitutions that can be made for this tour. It is not adaptable for vegetarians, vegans or those who are gluten-free.

The tour does contain chicken, beef, lamb, fish, egg, cheese, and several different vegetables as well as onions and garlic. We highly recommend only joining this tour if you are able and interested to eat a wide variety of foods.

*We do require a minimum number of guests (4) for this tour. If the minimum is not met 48 hours before your tour starts, we will contact you via email to discuss options or refund your tour. 

Looking for tours during Ramadan?

We do not run tours during the month of Ramadan. This year our closure dates will be May 13th – June 30th. We will resume limited tours during July and August.  

Sharif might not like it but we do! Join us to “Walk the Kasbah!”

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