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About Marrakech Food Tours

Taste the Real Marrakech!

About Morocco

Morocco is known the world over for it’s amazing food and hospitality. At the epicenter of Moroccan cuisine sits Marrakech. Famous souks, and hundreds of hotels and riads help to make Marrakech a must-stop destination for tourists. Sadly, with so many people coming and going it’s difficult to find food that truly lives up to its reputation.

How do we know?

Eighteen years ago, Youssef and Amanda met in Marrakech, and after living in the United States decided to move back to Morocco and call the “red city” home. Amanda’s first experience with Moroccan food was typical of a tourist visiting the country and it was only after eating the food of Youssef’s family home that she realized what was missing. After coming back to Marrakech, and hearing from friends and family visiting that the quality and taste of home food was so much better than what they were eating in restaurants, they decided to start Marrakech Food Tours.

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Our Team

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Julie Chief Coordination Executive

If you’ve emailed us chances are you’ve talked with Julie. She’s based in the US so that we can handle most requests at anytime.

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His favorite places to take visitors in Marrakesh are some hidden places where travelers can meet people doing daily activities.

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