3.5 hours2.5 hours
Adventurous eaters who want to experience Marrakech's food culture by foot.Sandwich lovers without restrictions
Family friendly, walking tourFamily friendly, walking tour

Photo from the Evening Street Food Tour

Photo from the Walk the Kasbah – Sandwich Tour

Food & Drink

all food and non alcoholic beverages as well as guide feesAll food and non alcoholic beverages as well as guide fees
Wide variety of Moroccan food. Standing and sitting stops. Experiencing the medina of Marrakech at night.Sandwiches! Local neighborhood.
Most restrictions can be accommodated however we can not accommodate vegans at this time.Not suitable for those with restrictions

The Tour

6-8Up to 8 guests per tour
4Minimum 4 guests per tour
moderate walking - approximately 3.5kmModerate Walking
can be arranged but not widely availableLimited Restrooms Available


Evening Street Food Tour

Marrakech Food Tours
Marrakesh, Morocco

Walk the Kasbah – Sandwich Tour

Bab Agnaou
Marrakesh, Morocco

MedinaMellah and Kasbah
Post Office in Jemma el FnaBab Aganou Kasbah Gate
Yes to meeting pointTo meeting point